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Tiled Shower Base with S/S Plain Lid - Centre Waste


  • Water repellent, AS 3740-2010 and AS 3588-1996 compliant
  • Manufactured with a recommended fall ratio (between 1:60/1:80)
  • Level entry onto timber joists
  • Shower Base dimensions may vary by +/- 5mm
  • To suit Tile applications
  • Integrated waste outlet (Plain Lid)


1. Fully Concealed
2. Multiple grate styles and locations
3. Will not crack or shrink
4. Suitable for any wet area
5. Correct fall every time
6. Light weight and strong
7. Easily modified
8. Suitable for hob construction

Please note: this product can only be shipped to Melbourne area. We doesn't provide delivery service in other states.

Tiled Shower Base with S/S Plain Lid - Centre Waste

Universal shower base offers a range of standard to meet your space requirements. The original multi-use shower base is quick and easy to install with a pre-formed design ensuring each product is manufactured with the correct fall every time. This makes it an ideal option for installation onto any substrate or concrete slab and relieves the stress of potential leaks and cracks that can be caused by screeding and other methods.