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Bathroom Towel Rails

Australian-designed, our bathroom towel rails are affordable and polished, offering timeless and durable design options that will keep your bathroom flawless for years to come.
The range comes in a variety of geometric forms (rounded or square) bringing added structure to your bathroom. Our towel rails are manufactured in the highest quality finishes including chrome, brushed nickel, gunmetal, matte black, brushed bronze, and brushed gold, ensuring a stylish look and feel across the range.
Flexible and functional, the towel rails offer a fixing mechanism allowing for easy adjustment during installation, along with dual anchor points at each end to ensure added stability. Our quality manufacturing also means our towel rails are less likely to bend, distort, or rust over time.
The double and single towel rails are available in multi lengths including 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, or 900mm, are eco-friendly, and are supported by a guaranteed warranty. Purchase our matching designer tapware to complete your contemporary bathroom look. 

Single towel rails make a difference

The beauty of it is its simplicity. With a clean and elegant line, you have the perfect mix of functionality and classic design. The special thing about them is the way they maximize air circulation for drying while being compact in how flush they are with the bathroom wall. Choosing the size depends on your bathroom and how many people will use it. You’ll find the size, style, and special features that suit you best right here at Arova Kitchen & Bathroom. When it comes to a smaller-sized bathroom, you can choose from a selection of a longer length that makes more of the space whilst adding a charm of their own.

The benefits of double towel rails

Double towel rails are a god-send when it comes to saving valuable space. It’s important to remember that you are getting double the towel storage for the same amount of wall space as a single rail. You don’t have to sacrifice a great look of a towel rail when choosing a double towel rail option. You have the same style and finish with the all-important space-saving element. A double towel rail offers more convenience for the needs of the family plus you have less likelihood of towels being hung from the shower, door, or any inappropriate place in the bathroom.