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Freestanding Large Bathtub

Serving as a sleek attraction, adding a freestanding large bathtub as the centrepiece can transform your bathroom into a tranquil sanctuary, providing a feeling of utmost relaxation. What better way to unwind after a long day than with a calming soak in a hot bath? Read More

Could your Bathroom Benefit from a Free-Standing Large Bathtub?

For a top of the range freestanding large bathtub online, look no further than Arova. Providing an ample variety of stylish baths that are designed to your personal specification, buying a quality yet affordable bath has never been easier.

A one-stop bathroom shop, Arova not only stocks bathtubs but can provide customers with other products including bathroom vanities, bathroom basins, tapware and shower heads. Whether shopping for a single tub or a full bathroom renovation, we have you covered.

Three Reasons Why a Free-Standing Bathtub Can Improve your Bathroom

It is undeniable that having a freestanding bathtub in your bathroom oozes luxury and class. Designed to provide more comfort than built-in bathtubs, you’ll find yourself dreaming of a good soak after a long day. If you need a bit of extra persuasion; here are three key advantages.

Versatility -The beauty of a freestanding bath is that they come in a vast variety of styles and sizes, meaning you can choose a design to fit in almost any space in the room.

Space -A boxed in bath can result in your bathroom feeling smaller and cut off. Choosing a bath that is freestanding opens up the room and as a result of the smaller footprint, it can fit in more narrow spaces.

Easy Maintenance -The nature of a freestanding bathtub ensures that it is easier to clean as owners can access all sides and the bath area will be free from tiles, grout and glass. The installation is also quicker and cheaper as the bath does not need additional framework or intricate fixtures.

Choose Arova for your Bathroom Necessities!

With many years of experience, Arova is proud to offer customers quality and affordable products that are sourced from only the top factories in the industry. Browse through our plentiful designs, or for some extra advice, contact our friendly customer care team who will be more than happy to assist.

Located across our 3 stores in Melbourne,  many of our products are readily stocked and able to be shipped immediately, ensuring ultra-fast delivery throughout Australia. All of our vanities are pre-assembled and ready to install, providing customers with convenience.

A one-stop store for all of your bathroom needs, we are head and shoulders above the competition. Sourcing our products from the same manufacturers as other renowned brands in the industry aids us to provide the same level of quality as bigger brands but for a fraction of the price.

Shop Your Free Standing Large Bathtub Online Today!

Finding a quality freestanding large bathtub in Australia is made simple with Arova. Browse our collection of baths and products to complement your new bath today and take steps towards turning your bathroom into a spa-lover’s haven.

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