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VALUE - quality products, reasonable prices, great customer service. At Arova, we are always working hard so that you can take quality and style to your home and have more bang for your buck.

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We love value as much as our customers do. In the pursuit of value, we operate from a warehouse with items stocked to roof high, buy inventories in container load, maintain a small and simple showroom with essential items only and illustrate our products through high definition photos... In this way, we are able to save your time by knowing the product before making a trip, minimise our retail margins from a store front and therefore pass on hundreds of dollars of savings to you.

Bathroom Supplies Melbourne

If you’re looking for cheap bathroom supplies or kitchen fittings, you absolutely don’t need to compromise on quality. Each and every one of the items designed and supplied by Arova Kitchens and Bathrooms is produced by a specialist high-end manufacturer - so you’ll be able to get hold of exceptional products for a fraction of the price. Browse our range of beautifully crafted toilet suites in order to find a design that perfectly suits your vision and tastes.

We know that many toilet fittings are ugly to look at and not at all user-friendly, with very few modern designs offering any sense of style or comfort. We’re doing all we can to change that. Arova Kitchens and Bathrooms is one of the leading discount toilet supplier in Melbourne for good reason. All of our products are beautifully conceived and manufactured with perfect functionality, quality and elegance in mind. All Arova toilets are Watermark approved and WELS registered, with great water efficiency. With products manufactured by high-end specialists such as Nero and ECT alongside our own designs, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for when browsing Arova Kitchens and Bathrooms toilet supplies in Melbourne.

Our Affordable Range of Kitchen and Bathroom Supplies in Melbourne

Arova Kitchens and Bathrooms produce stunning bathroom vanities, bathroom basins, toilets, tapware, baths, 2 in 1 shower heads, bathroom cabinets and accessories - along with plenty of other quality fittings and fixtures that you’ll love. We also offer one of the largest ranges of pull-out kitchen storage solutions available in Australia, enabling you to increase your storage space by up to 35%.

We design all of our beautiful low-cost kitchen items and discount bathroom supplies in Melbourne. All products remain in stock in the same city, ready for dispatch whenever required, so you’ll receive your order in record time! With testimonials from happy customers flooding in, we’re living proof that low cost doesn’t have to mean low quality orpoor service.

About Arova Kitchens and Bathrooms

Everything we create is designed to exceptional standards - inspired by luxury and up-to-the-minute trends. We’ve been producing an unbeatable standard of kitchen and bathroom supplies in Melbourne since 2012, with our surprisingly low prices just one of our many strengths.

We design and engineer our products for Australians, ensuring that everything is functional, practical and durable as well as beautiful - so, whether you’re renovating your own home or working professionally to fit bathrooms and kitchens for clients, you can rest assured that our items will meet your requirements and then some. That’s why, depending on the parts in question, our discount toilet suites are subject to warranties of between 12 months and 15 years in length.

Choose the Highest Quality Toilet Suppliers In Melbourne

Easy to install and pleasing to look at, our premium contemporary toilet range includes close coupled toilet suites, modern back to wall products, rimless and boxed-rim designs, the latest technology powered tornado flush suites and in-wall cistern options to suit all needs, requirements and design visions. Most of our toilets are nano glazed for a very smooth surface and easy cleaning.

From more traditional designs to sleek, modern creations, you’re bound to find a fitting that suits its surroundings, looks superb and functions perfectly. All our products have dual flush capability for greater water efficiency, and dual water inlets for your choice of installation approaches, providing the flexibility you need for your individual project.

Choose from toilet pan only options or full toilet suites, as well as elegant bidets and high-quality fittings such as soft close seats, flush buttons and accessory plates. All of our toilet seats are fitted with soft-close mechanisms for comfort and many also feature quick-release systems for easy removal or cleaning.

Browse Online or Visit One of Our Bathroom Showrooms in Melbourne

Feel free to take a look at our full range of quality products here on our website.Of course, we know that many customers prefer to see their favourite products in person to ensure that they completely fit their criteria. This is why we currently operate one of the most breathtaking kitchens and bathroom showrooms in Melbourne.

To pay a visit, simply head to 85 Proximity Dr, Sunshine West, Victoria, 3020. We have two further bathroom stores in Melbourne, located in Mulgrave and Thomastown - both of which are always fully stocked with products. We’ll be thrilled to help you design a kitchen or bathroom that is perfect for your purposes. Our team will happily talk to you about your ideas and offer you a little inspiration - and we can even take a look at your plans and drawings to help you track down your dream fittings.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team via email at info@arova.com.au about your search for affordable, high-quality kitchen and bathroom supplies in Melbourne.You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for design inspiration and product demonstrations.

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