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Modern Laundry Troughs and Sinks with Vanity Cabinets

Laundry Troughs with cabinets are almost essential for any laundry. It’s a tried and true winning combination that’s worked well throughout the years. There are many and varied alternatives of how to put the two together. It all depends on matters of needs, space, and personal taste.

How to choose a laundry trough and cabinet?

Laundry Needs

Knowing the needs of your laundry as far as washing and storing requirements go will help you make a better choice of the combination. If you are a larger household, you may need a larger-sized trough or tub. You can choose from 30, 35, 45, and even 2X45-litre options. A popular choice is the LAVASSA Double Bowl 2x45L Laundry Trough & Cabinet. It comes with double stainless-steel bowls. It’s the perfect family-sized tub with handy storage space.

Laundry Space

You need to consider how much room you have in your laundry to perform all the functions and allow all the storage you will need to keep the household running and, of course, neat and tidy. With a little forethought, you can avoid the problems of having brooms, mops, or extra baskets and storage tubs lying around creating clutter and confusion. Measuring your appliances and where they will go – including where they need to be located for taps and power outlets – allows you to see the remaining space available for your laundry trough and cabinet. If you have limited space, you could opt for a more streamlined option like the LAVASSA Laundry Trough& Cabinet 30L; a great space-saving choice.

Laundry Price

Of course, there is also the budget to consider. For a budget laundry renovation, a classic laundry unit is a way to go. Otherwise, consider the pros and cons of a larger laundry unit versus the cost of having cabinets, benchtops, and a laundry sink installed. Either way, the result will look fantastic. For high-quality laundry units and sinks in Melbourne, look no further than Arova Kitchen & Bathroom. Shop online to receive free delivery nationwide or come and visit our well-stocked showroom in Thomastown, Mulgrave, and Sunshine West.