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Freestanding Corner Bathtub

It is no secret that bathtubs are essential to achieving a top level of relaxation. Many Australians look forward to unwinding with a long, calm soak in the bath after a hard day's work and a freestanding corner bathtub is a perfect addition to any bathroom. Read More

Choose Arova for a Quality Freestanding Corner Bathtub, Australia Wide!

A freestanding bathtub in the corner can add a splash of luxury and style to the room by acting as a focal point. For a wide selection of bathtubs, choose Arova. Providing customers with quality products at affordable prices, it is no surprise that we are a leading supplier of bathroom necessities.

A one-stop bathroom store, we not only supply bathtubs but customers can also find a range of necessities including bathroom vanities and shower heads, bathroom basins and tapware. Whether a single product replacement or a complete bathroom makeover, Arova is here to help.

Benefits of a Freestanding Corner Bathtubs

Even with the rise in popularity of showering over bathing, bathtubs have not lost their importance within the bathroom. There is a general move towards turning a bathroom into a spa-haven, stepping away from its traditional use of pure necessity. This results in more time being spent within the room and more care is taken on the style, décor and fixtures.

There are many benefits of including a freestanding corner bathtub within your room. Not only does it help to alleviate the value of your property, but they have other, more practical advantages.

Versatility - baths can come in a variety of styles and sizes meaning they can be as small or as large as the customer needs

Easy to maintain - the lack of additional framework and need for grouting ensures quick installation and stress-free maintenance as the bath itself is easy to clean.

Space- due to their nature, freestanding corner baths have a small footprint and can be tucked into a corner enabling homeowners to maximise their floor space.

For a wide range of bathtubs, Arova has you covered.  Whether left corner or right corner, we have the perfect bath for your room. Browse our selection or speak to a member of our customer service department for some additional advice and assistance.

Arova is a One-Stop Shop for your Bathroom Needs!

Whether needing a single bath or undergoing a full bathroom remodelling, Arova has you covered. We are a one-stop shop for all bathroom goods, supplying vanities, basins, tapware, showers and more. We pride ourselves on stocking quality products, sourced from only the top manufacturers in the industry and selling them at competitive prices.

With our warehouses located in Melbourne and shipping Australia wide, shopping with Arova is quick, convenient and affordable. Products such as our vanities are easy to assemble, ensuring a smooth transition from delivery to installation.

Browse our Selection Today!

Supplying quality products at affordable prices, turning your dream bathroom into a reality is easy with Arova. Browse our selection or speak with our sales team to discuss your budget and options today!

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