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COMO Round Shower Head Rose 250mm Gunmetal

Step into a world of elegance with the Como rain shower rose, a notable piece within the sophisticated Arova design series. This shower rose, adorned in a stately Brushed Gun Metal finish, encapsulates a design that is both stunning and practical. The showerhead, with a Ø 250 mm opening, is meticulously crafted to provide the optimal dimensions for affixing the rain shower to your shower arm, ensuring a luxurious showering experience. The COMO, crafted from durable brass, is the quintessential addition to create the bathroom of your dreams.


Product Code: SHB125GM
Colour: Brushed Gun Metal
Material: Brass shower head
Size: Ø250
Watermark: Approved
Standards:WELS 3 Star 9L/Min, S15161

Round Shower Head Rose 250mm Gunmetal COMO


  • Brass Shower Rose for durability and premium aesthetic
  • Watermark and WELS Approval, ensuring quality and water efficiency with a 3 Star, 9L/min rating
  • Size: 250x8mm, providing a generous surface area for an immersive shower experience
  • Finished in Brushed Gun Metal, offering a sophisticated and modern appearance