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Ciao 1600mm Oval Free Standing Acrylic Bathtub Gloss White

Size: 1600X750X600mm
Shape: Oval Freestanding Bathtub
Material: Premium Acrylic with Gloss Easy Clean Finish
Colour: Gloss White
Waste Size: 40mm, not included, select here
Installation: Free Standing / Floor Mount
Warranty: 10 years replacement product replacement on acrylic structural integrity and 5 years on frame and adjustment legs
Includes: Bath Only

* Acrylic, stone and transparent bathtubs are handcrafted and may differ in measurements. The measurements are representative of all actual product at time of printing. It's recommended to have the product onsite for the rough-in. All described measurements are a guide only and are expected to have slight changes subject to Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&EO). Acrylic and stone bathtubs may have differences of +/-10mm. Transparent bathtubs may have differences of +/-20mm.

Ciao 1600mm Oval Free Standing Acrylic Bathtub Gloss White

Introducing the Ciao 1600mm Oval Free Standing Bathtub in Gloss White - the epitome of timeless elegance and modern functionality. This standard-sized bathtub offers ample space for a relaxing soak, making it a centerpiece in any bathroom. Its classic oval design and lustrous gloss white finish exude sophistication, ensuring it complements any interior style.


  • Classic Oval Freestanding Shape: A blend of tradition and modernity
  • Constructed from High-Quality Acrylic Material
  • Shimmering Gloss White Finish
  • Easy-to-clean surface ensures lasting brilliance
  • Reinforced with a robust stainless steel frame
  • Available in multiple sizes to cater to various bathroom needs: 1300mm, 1400mm, 1500mm, 1600mm, 1720mm

For a luxurious bathing experience in a bathtub that seamlessly fits into any bathroom design, choose the Ciao Bathtub. Shop online with Arova Bathrooms for delivery across Australia or explore our range in person at our Melbourne showrooms. Elevate your bathroom aesthetics with the Ciao bathtub today!