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Amber Bathroom Vanity and Shaving Cabinet 

AMBER 1500mm wall hung vanity is a stunning wall-mounted bathroom cabinet featuring 4 closed doors with either a double ceramic top or a stone top and twin rectangular basins. If you have a lot of cosmetic items and cleaning products while wish to keep your bathroom and benchtops tidy. Simply add a matching shaving cabinet which is available in multi-size: 60cm, 75cm, 90cm, and 120com. Caribbean oak grey timber offers a rich and warm look to your bathroom with a sense of luxury. Moisture-resistant solid board full body that will not change form in a wet area. Ultra hard-wearing surface that will not easily dent or chip. The wall cabinet offers easy access for you as all items are stored at a body height that you can reach easily. It is also great for keep medicines or cleaning products away from the reach of younger children. Tapware and waste plugs can be purchased separately.