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Shower Base Tile Tray 1200*895mm Centre Waste

If you want tiled shower without throwing extra hundreds bucks on concrete mix waterproofing, the tile tray is the one to go. 

This tile-over tray is 100% waterproof and supplied with pre-folded flashing to ensure that it is also 100% leak proof. This tray is supplied with 4 lips. The lips are easily trimmed to create level entry on your chosen side(s). It is suitable for installation on all substrates and has a built-in fall to the waste.

This tile tray shower base is not supplied with waste outlet.
The compatible grate is SB-TTGRATE, which can be purchased seperately.

About the material

Glasstone SMC (Sheet Molding Compound), a composite material combined with fibreglass, resin and filler, compressed with metal mould at 190°C. Glasstone is widely used to as airplane, train and car component. It is solid, strong and made to precise measurements.

Glasstone is sturdy while light in weight. It is stronger than the traditional polymarble and acrylic. And it is also economic to use and easy to clean.


1200mm x 895mm x 60mm 
4 lip self supporting

Note: Shower bases are for pickup only at this stage, we will not be able to provide deliveries of shower base at this stage.