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The shower spare parts at Arova makes it easy to update your shower

A tired, old handset just brings the look of your shower down. It’s also less hygienic due to the inevitable buildup of deposits and scaling from hard water within the showerhead. This can lead to discoloured water and a bad odour when you first turn the shower on.

With a shiny, new handset from Arova, you can update your shower and at the same time eliminate any issues of discoloured water and bad odours.

Updating your shower handset is simple to do. By unscrewing the old one, you can screw on the new shower handset in next to no time. When it comes to finding the right replacement, the variety at Arova makes it easy to match your shower design.

Update your shower with shower spare parts at Arova Kitchen & Bathroom:

  • Various shaped heads including round and square
  • Multi-function spray options
  • Various colours and finishes - Chrome, Black, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Gold, Brushed Bronze and Graphite.
  • Easy screw-on thread for effortless replacement
Along with stylish shower handsets, Arova Kitchen & Bathroom also has replacement shower hoses to suit most sizes.