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COMO Ceiling Shower Arm 450mm Brushed Nickel

Product Code: ARMR145BN
Colour: Brushed Nickel
Material: Robust Brass Arm
Reach: 450mm projection from ceiling
Set up: Recommended height from the shower floor

Presenting the COMO Ceiling Shower Arm, elegantly extended to a 450mm size and adorned in a sophisticated Brushed Nickel finish. Constructed from premium brass, this ceiling-mounted shower arm assures a blend of steadfast functionality and perpetual aesthetics. The COMO Shower Arm is meticulously designed to coalesce seamlessly with any showerhead, standing not just as a fixture but as a declaration of style and durability in your bathroom sanctuary. Engineered with precision to sustain its aesthetic allure and functional integrity throughout its use, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Immerse yourself in a showering experience that intertwines luxury and dependability with the COMO Ceiling Shower Arm.

We cordially invite you to experience the COMO Ceiling Shower Arm firsthand and explore our extensive range by visiting our Melbourne showrooms located in Mulgrave, Thomastown, and Sunshine. Our dedicated team eagerly awaits to assist you in selecting the impeccable fixtures for your bathroom.