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How To Organise The Kitchen Corner Cabinet

June 04, 2019 8 min read

Everyone has that corner cabinet they need organising, but what happens if you cannot see into the cabinet to put it in order? You might be frustrated by your kitchen cabinet and not know where to start. This article will help you to organise cabinet's such as a blind corner or L shaped cabinet.

What Is A Blind Corner Cabinet?

The blind corner cabinet is the one that you cannot see into properly. Although you can reach into it, you would have to actually crawl in to reach everything that is in the corner. The dilemma with the blind corner is where the two axes meet, it creates a dead space. However there are ways of using that space and Arova have solutions. The blind corner is usually a long cabinet that is blocked by another cabinet. Therefore, it is only possible to reach kitchen items from one side.

A blind corner cabinet is rectangular, with one door. They are difficult to use and are best constructed with a slide out mechanism, like the magic corner or lazy susan. Some individuals remove the back of the cabinet and fit shelves, pull out mechanisms or drawers.

If the back space is required Arova have many solutions. One simple solution is the Arova internal drawer that is already assembled and will keep everything well-organized. These internal drawers offer exceptional functionality and are easy to reach without scrambling around to pinpoint that lost item at the back of the cabinet.

What Is An L Shaped Cabinet?

The L Shaped cabinet is specifically designed to use the space in a corner. The L Shaped cabinet would usually have bi - folding doors, but access is more effortless than the blind corner cabinet. Due to the difficulties of being able to reach inside a cabinet, when designing it, consider using non-standard configuration. However, some people have L shaped corner cabinets that were built when there weren't the modern-day storage designs. This is not a problem because all of our storage solutions can be retro-fitted into the actual cabinet.  An L shaped corner cabinet would today have a lazy Susan built-in, drawers, specially designed shelves and be manufactured with the most beneficial storage solutions in mind. However, they may also be built with space so that the person can decide what to put in the cabinet. The trick comes with knowing what to store in these cabinets, for both the blind corner and L shaped corner cabinets can cause problems if not well planned out with storage solutions considered. However, Arova have many solutions to choose from and among bestsellers are the magic corners. There are 3 magic corners in the range with different attributes.

Benefits to having a blind/L shaped cabinet Solution

  1. You don't have to climb into the cabinet to reach your items
  2. It is easier and quicker to find your kitchen accessories
  3. It helps keep the cabinet tidy and organized
  4. You won't have to get on your hands and knees when using the cabinet
  5. You can keep items that you need closer to reach
  6. There is over 50% extra storage space

Organizational Tips Blind Corner And  L Shaped Cabinet

⦁ Consider what you put in the cabinet wisely. Therefore, put things that you don't use as much in it.

⦁ Limit the items you store in the cabinet so that everything is not crammed into the corner. Cut back on what you put in the blind corner cabinet and make sure each item has its place on the shelf without stacking things.

⦁ Consider putting a lazy susan or magic corner in the blind cabinet, this turntable will help you access the cabinet more easily.

⦁ If you have a bigger budget, there are several choices that can make life easier. Instead of a lazy Susan buy a pull out lazy susan, it is the perfect optimizer that allows easier accessibility of the unit.

⦁ Remember it is your home so it is important to consider what is best for you. Ask yourself how the space would work for you, even if you are going against everything you have learned. You don't need to be traditional, what's important is that whatever solution you choose, it is to your own preference.

⦁ Another great idea is to light the cabinet up. Since you cannot see inside the cabinet properly, visibility is important and by placing lights in the corner it enables you to see and find the items you need. Battery operated, self adhesive lights are easy to find in stores and will help when you are looking for that item you need.

⦁ Don't put as many items in the back of the cabinet. Instead, put specialty items in the back of the cabinet, things you are not going to use as much. That way when you need to find items for that significant event, you will know where they are.

⦁ If you have higher L shaped/ blind cabinets use a step stool to help you reach them. You could even put ornate glass-wear at the back of those shelves.

⦁ Bottom corner/L shaped cabinets are best for storing cumbersome items because they are usually large enough to store those things. For example; blender. crock pot, chocolate fountain are the types of item for these cabinets.

⦁ An awesome idea for bottom L shaped/blind corner cabinets is to make them into a recycle and garbage storage solution. If you consider that this storage is already throwaway space, then why not devote some time to put it into practice? Trash bags, bins or baskets are good items to place inside for other waste disposal needs.

⦁ Although you have all that left over space to fill, fight against the need to overfill the cabinet. Yes, there is a lot of room in the cabinet which is tempting but, you don't have to fill it packed to the brim. It will be even harder to reach things and gain access to them, if the cabinet is too full. You are also likely to forget what is in the cabinet which means remainders of food could well attract rodents.

⦁ Although there are plenty of storage solutions that cost money, there are also free items that you can make yourself. Get a cereal box and snip it at the corners so it resembles a magazine holder, place plastic wrap, silver foil and other items in these.

⦁ Light weight, smaller items are best placed inside a shoe box for easy access. A pizza pan makes for a great lazy Susan and does not cost the initial outlay.

⦁ Completely remove the doors from your cabinet and place big hooks on the top to hang items from.

What To Consider When Designing The Kitchen

⦁ Do you need corners or can these be avoided completely?

⦁ If you can't use blind corners, use L shaped corners instead

⦁ Would one of our storage solutions be well equipped in your kitchen?

⦁ If at all possible avoid corners, if this is not possible use L shaped corners instead of blind corners as they are easier to get access to.

Do you have a budget that would enable you to buy some storage solutions? If so, take a look at these wonderful designs that will help your L shaped or blind corner cabinet from becoming an obstacle and turn it into a great storage solution. Even with existing cabinets all of Arova solutions are able to be retro-fitted.

The Magic Corner

The magic corner is designed specifically for the L Shaped or blind corner cabinet, it provides the most convenient solution with revolving and pull-out design. It has 12 compartments that are perfect for organizing your cupboard space. With 3 levels and 12 chrome baskets you will never be hunting for long lost items again.

Only the best materials go into manufacturing 'The Magic Corner', even when it is fully loaded, the unit is stable enough to move freely. Manufactured using high quality materials like chrome to give it a professional style, it keeps everything presented perfectly.

A magic corner maximizes the dead space that is found with an L Shaped or Blind corner cabinet. The great thing with the magic corner is that it looks like a normal cabinet from the outside, but once open the items appear in front of you so that you can reach them easily.

Arova have 3 magic corner units to choose from as follows;

⦁ Magic Corner I - with a simple slide, the cabinet comes out, making all items easy to reach. There is ample storage in a rectangular shaped shelf design with patented SoftStop Plus. There are 3 tray choices that include; wire baskets, stainless steel trays and anti-slip trays.

⦁ Magic Corner II -  All 4 trays can easily come out and the universal fitting means the cabinet can be accessed from left and right. Magic Corner is solid and sturdy with superb technological advancements.

⦁ Magic Corner III - This solution is specifically designed for the L shaped corner cabinet. Its rotating, revolving and pull-out features make it easy to use and convenient. It has 12 separate compartments, 3 tiers and 12 baskets for extra storage space. Quality materials are used to give a professional style with everything visible.

As well as the magic corners there are also carousels which are excellent for those awkward shaped cabinets.

Lazy Susan Carousels

⦁ The 360° lazy susan is specifically designed for 45° front corner cabinet, making huge storage space. It holds up to 15kg with durable and strong wire baskets. The unit can also be lengthened to around 600 - 900 in height for your convenience

⦁ Swing Out Kidney Shaped Lazy Susan Kitchen Carousel - this has been designed so that each tray swings out separately bringing the contents to the front of the cabinet. The heights can be adjusted, even after the cabinet has been installed. Furthermore, turning and swinging this lazy susan can be done with one seamless movement. The trays are easily moved from the cabinet. The design is extremely convenient making the most of your cabinet space. There is even an optional anti-slip layer that has been added to the design.

⦁ Half Moon - 180° Lazy Susan Carousel - 2 Tiers. This is the perfect solution that is both economical and practical. With a universal fitting, the cabinet can be opened from left or right. A sturdy build ensures that each wire basket can hold up to 15kg in weight. The unit can fit cupboard sizes of 600mm- 800mm in height. This is an economical solution for the blind corner with height adjustment to the top and bottom of the tray. Furthermore, the bottom can be lifted to store large, flat items underneath; like a baking tray.

⦁ The 270° cabinet corner is not the fanciest of choices, but it is practical and easy to use. As you open the cabinet the unit will come towards you. It is slightly smaller than the full version and fits a cupboard of 600 mm - 800 mm in height. Baskets are adjustable to whatever level is most appropriate for the items. The finish is simply beautiful and professional looking. This is the best economical option for the L shaped corner with the same structure as the half-moon 180°. Although it can't come out it does move around in the cabinet. There is height adjustment to the top tray and 2 height adjustments for the bottom tray. Once again, the bottom tray can be lifted to place large, flat items underneath.

With all these options available, it has never been easier to organize your kitchen cabinets in a way that will make use of every space possible. Never again have to scramble to locate that lost item. It's true that tidyness brings peace of mind and with these solutions you will be on your way to that perfect kitchen.

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