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Bring Projects to Life with Arova - Season 4

May 17, 2022 3 min read

Pamper yourself and allow a little luxury into your everyday life not just when you are on holidays. We can design a spectacular bathroom using the latest bathroom vanities and bathtubs for your individual needs. Our qualified consultants work efficiently together for your bathroom renovation, providing top quality workmanship and product knowledge. Our bathroom renovations deliver stylish and functional results to Melbourne clients with any sized budget. Our bathroom makeovers will transform your space.

Bentleigh, VIC | Kitchen Reveal

The kitchen is the one place where you’re sure to find family and friends cooking, eating, and enjoying each other’s company day in and day out. 

Clean lines, clutter-free and high-tech are all features of today’s modern kitchens. This style of kitchen is for those who love stealth spaces, cleverly hidden behind sleek cabinets and doors and appreciates the convenience of the latest and greatest gizmos and gadgets. Our client in Bentleigh hoped her kitchen can include a wide range of unique shapes and unusual finishes and incorporate such things as recessed lighting, modern storage solutions, pull out kitchen mixer and premium stainless steel kitchen sink.

Arova is passionate about helping customers build their dream kitchen and making the process of the kitchen renovation as simple, hassle-free and straight-forward as possible.


Box Hill, VIC | Bathroom Reveal

Many homes in Australia were designed around the classic shower over bath combination. This can complicate your bathroom renovation, as there is less space to work with than you might have thought initially.   

The answer? Freestanding furniture. Create a beautiful open shower and put your freestanding bath within the wet area. This way, you avoid breaking the bathroom up into separate areas — which can make you feel boxed in — and create a feeling of spaciousness instead.        

While you shop around for a freestanding bath, it’s also worth considering including a wall-hung vanity in your renovation. They maximise the illusion of space and are easier to clean around.

Boxhill, VIC | Bathroom Reveal

Burwood, VIC | Bathroom Reveal

The project in Burwood started out as a fairly light makeover but blew up quickly as it evolved. Some details do matter. Because matte black is a relatively new finish, the glass company we used for the shower doors did not have many selections in it for handles and hinges. Arova offers this simple look of the handle called Ladder Pull, it only needs 3-5 days although it would have to be special-ordered in matte black. Our client could not have some froufy Victorian handle competing with the strong lines of the shower fixtures, and she did not want to choose a different finish. She was so glad when the final renovation had been done. 

As was obvious from the “before” photos, the bathroom has a problem with countertop clutter. So we invested in a large wall hung vanity to hold everyday stuff. Also, the huge drawer clean-out I had to do on the vanities so that they could be removed and painted provided a ton of new storage space. We also knew that our client was stretched for towel storage so we bought a train rack for them — no more towels shoved willy-nilly in a cabinet under the sink.

Burwood, VIC | Bathroom Reveal

Oakleigh South, VIC | Bathroom Reveal

You use your bathroom many times each day. Why would you want a boring, outdated bathroom with no personality? If you've got an outdated bathroom, a renovation is right for you. You'll need some inspiration, but finding it can be difficult. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Nothing speaks luxury like a beautiful freestanding tub. It's like having a personal spa in the comfort of your home. If you've got the extra square footage, it is a worthwhile investment. You can get freestanding tubs in a variety of finishes, shapes and with special features, too. Some of the more common finishes are acrylic, chrome, and porcelain.

Imagine sleek cabinetry, new counters, and modern tile. Add in some new fixtures and fresh paint in an appealing colour palette. It's time to start a bathroom renovation project that adds a bit of life and style to your most private space!

Oakleigh South


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