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4 Bathroom Trends for 2022

February 17, 2022 5 min read

Slim Design Creates the Bigger Space

Bathroom tallboys not only fit perfectly in small bathroom spaces due to their slim design, but they also offer plenty of storage that will never go to waste! Think about a nice place to store beauty products, hair products, cleaning products, kids' toys, and fresh towels. We have a range of tallboy cabinet designs including LUCA, Albany, Austin, and Logan that will suit almost any bathroom renovation. Beautifully made from the finest materials, they're built to last and withstand harsh conditions. It's time to say goodbye to bathroom storage problems!

If space is at a premium in your bathroom, then you must find clever ways to organize and keep things tidy without compromising style. Bathroom tallboy vanities are an excellent way to save space and solve storage needs while adding radiance to your bathroom. Tallboy vanity units are designed to help you make the most of your bathroom space. Their slim, high design makes them a perfect fit for small-sized bathrooms and tight corners. They provide ample storage and the needed convenience, allowing you to keep necessities within reach and maintain a clean, clutter-free bathroom. Tallboy vanities also do well in spacious bathrooms. The way they fit in and effortlessly lend a spiffy look to your theme makes them the perfect choice for your bathroom renovation project.

Hampton Shaker Style Bathroom

The coast meets the city with our Hamptons bathroom designs, with style and substance elegantly blended to create spacious bathroom spaces. Wide soft-close drawers in a flush inset style continue the theme of effortless storage, while an elegant aesthetic is maintained through a marble countertop and matte white ceramic basin. AUSTIN Hampton shaker vanity focuses on simplicity, functionality, and practicality in its design. Clover bathroom vanity cabinets feature square shapes, clean lines, and minimal ornamentation. 

At Arova, our range of Hampton Shaker Style Vanity cabinets is crafted using high-quality materials and is available in a wall-hung look and freestanding look. Our Bathroom Vanity comes in a variety of sizes to suit your preferences, including 60cm, 75cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm, and 180cm. The diversification of the size and look means you can adapt the design to suit your needs and wants, introducing your favorite Hamptons-inspired elements into your brand-new bathroom. We aim to adopt contemporary styles and metal hardware to maintain the beauty of the original shaker vanity. Our expert customer service team will help you choose the best styles that suit your needs and preferences. Our products are not just beautifully curated but are built to last.

Choose a Freestanding Bathtub as the Perfect Luxury of Bathroom

It’s hard to argue with the beauty of a freestanding bath. They look great in bathroom spaces and their structural qualities provide an intriguing focal point. Make the perfect splash with a free-standing bath, these baths have plenty of areas around and beneath, making the room look airy and larger than it actually is. What’s more, they naturally allow for more light in your space, where floor-to-ceiling windows will complement the ambiance greatly.

The freestanding bath is a perfect luxury, due to its freestanding nature and more curvy design, they don't require a frame to support their structure, making installation easier. They can also transform your daily ritual into a relaxing retreat that lets you wash away your cares and unwind at the end of a hectic day and provide great flexibility when bathing. From a practical perspective, you are free to incorporate more creative amenities around them. A bath mountable ledge, for example, would allow body wash, shampoo, and any other washing items to be easily accessible, while recessed wall niches work perfectly to ensure storage spaces are close by.

We offer a wide range of contemporary designs to choose from that will instantly transform your bathroom into a relaxing haven. Space is not necessarily going to be a restriction either due to the large selection of differently sized and shaped freestanding baths we have on offer. Each design provides a private and unmistakably relaxing sanctuary, while there are larger stand-alone baths to accommodate you and your loved one too.

From rounded-off rectangles, to smooth oblongs, and more conventionally shaped designs, our impressive free-standing bath tubs embrace a variety of aesthetically pleasing shapes and sizes. Whatever you choose, it will add sophistication, distinction and a great deal of personality to your bathroom – creating the perfect centrepiece.

Elegant and Luxurious Vanities

Reminiscent of Ancient European Architecture, reeded textures would have to be one of the hottest trends to re-emerge throughout bathrooms over the past year. Reeding is usually a series of shallow grooves that run across a surface, creating a pleasing play of light. Typically, this effect might have been used to make columns seem perfectly thinner and more elegant. Whilst this still applies to modern-day use, fluting has become a trendy way to play with texture. A glamorous yet understated detail that has been appearing in bathrooms through surfaces, furnishes, and even decor.

SOMER wall-hung bathroom vanity brings warmth to your otherwise cold and stark bathroom space. The oak timber grain design of the SOMER allows for creativity in how it's employed in your bathroom which gives a comfortable warmth with a breeze. This high-quality wall-hung vanity is fitted with one large full extension drawer giving you full access to day-to-day consumables. The soft-close drawer also comes with a U-shaped cut-out for easy plumbing. SOMER wall-hung timber bathroom vanity can be installed with either a ceramic vanity top with an integrated basin or an engineered quartz stone countertop with an above-counter basin of your choice. Different from solid timber vanities that require regular maintenance with natural oils, SOMER bathroom vanities give you the look without extra work. Its surface is ultra wear and easy to clean and maintain. The name SOMER is famous for its design, quality, and manufacturing technology. We have a commitment to maintaining the highest level of Green Manufacturing, reducing our environmental impact whilst ensuring the highest integrity of our furniture. The unique cabinet is available in 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm,1500mm, and 1800mm, resulting in a personal statement for your home. The similar texture is also available in matte white - Avery range of vanities.

The Bronte collection of vanities and bathroom storage cabinets features a simple and clean design with large overlay drawers and matte white 2 pack finish, ideal for those who want to keep their bathroom spotless. The wall-hung bathroom vanity is the most popular size for average-sized bathroom space with easy storage and access. As the cabinets are suspended from the floor, this creates an illusion of a bigger space. The matte black fluted vertical grain design of the Bronte allows for creativity in how it's employed in your bathroom which gives an elegant and luxurious feel. Arova has a range of products that bring life, aesthetics, practicality, and technology into your bathroom. The unique cabinet is available in 750mm, 900mm, and 1200mm, resulting in a personal statement for your home.

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