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Nero DOLCE/MECCA Shower Set Matt Black

Product Code: YSW2508-05A-MB

Finish: Matte Black
Material: Solid brass
WELS Reg. No: S11822(V)
WELS Rating: 3 Star 9L/min
10 years replacement products or parts on chrome finishes
 5 years replacement on stainless steel shower hose 
3 years replacement products or parts on other finishes
1 year replacement product or parts & labour

1. 3 Function handshower and 200mm exposure dome overhead drencher
2. Adjustable bottom pillar for easy retro-fit of most installations
3. Height adjustable handset holder with push button slider
4. Strong and durable, Satin-Smooth hose
5. Easily switch from handset to overhead drencher with the stylish water diverter
6. Exposure square rail with inbuild water delivery point
7. Adjustable Shower Rail

DISCLAIMER: All designs and measurements are intended as a guide and are subject to change without notice due to Nero's policy of continuous development. Please have the product on site before roughing in.

Nero Dolce/MECCA Shower Set Matte Black

The YSW2508-05A shower set by Nero is a beautiful piece of technology that combines both overhead rain shower and the hand held shower in Matte Black. Simply add a DOLCE wall mixer in a matching chrome finish with a circular design to turn water on/off and adjust the flow.