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Luxe 1810x470mm Marble Quartz Stone

Our Luxe stone bench is a top quality quartz surface created from a minimum of 93% natural aggregates, organic pigments and enhanced polymer resins. The engineered surface comes with exceptional properties of heat, stain, scratch and chip resistance. The stone benches requires minimal care and maintenance and will never require polishing or sealing.

All our stone benches have been pre-made to the size, polished to a perfect finish with Aris edge profile.

SKU: Luxe180
Natural white background with neutral tones
Material: 20mm Engineered Quartz Stone
Guarantee: 15 year replacement product
Includes: Stone slab only, no pre cuts

DISCLAIMER: Luxe quartz stone tops are made from natural quartz and therefore some variation in colour and aggregate may occur.  It is also expect variation between batches. All customers making online orders are believed to be aware of the colour variation and understand the slight colour variation is not a fault.

Vanity tops are fragile and we will NOT ship out unless it is ordered in the same order with a compatible vanity.