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LAVASSA Double Bowl 2x45L Laundry Trough & Cabinet


Size: 1170x510x870mm
With by Pass Kit
Brand: ECT
2 Sink B/Waste Included
Warranty: 2 years replacement parts of a complete product - 1-year labor

LAVASSA Double Bowl 2x45L Laundry Trough& Cabinet

The LAVASSA Laundry Cabinet is flush fitting and has a low profile. Classic and simple in design, this Laundry Cabinet comes with a stainless steel laundry tub and a Moisture Resistant 2 Pac Gloss White Laundry Cabinet featuring modern pull door handles. The LAVASSA Laundry Cabinet features under sink storage compartment that allows you to keep all your laundry products neat and tidy, along with its spacious double 45-litre polished bowls - ideal for all your everyday laundry.