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SN-25 Cartridge - 25mm Range


1. Improved performance: 25mm cartridges are typically more sensitive to tough conditions, so we developed a new 25mm valve improving the technical specifications from previous versions to achieve the best performance.
   • +30% flow rate increase
   • +20% smoothness operation torque
   • -50% noise reduction
2. More endurance: The application of new technologies inside our cartridges has extended SN-25 endurance:
   • 2 x ASME / 2 x EN-817 life cycle
   • Improved plastic material robustness
   • +50% Increased torque resistance
   • +30% Increased flexion resistance
3. Tough construction for small faucet designs: The small size of SN-25 makes it specially suitable for slim design faucets, allowing the manufacturer to innovate with its design without giving up the high-performance and robustness of the product.


Nut torque/Pitch M1,5 7-8 Nm Max. hot water 90 ºC
Opening angle 22,5º Fidelity <5º
Rotation angle 90º Burst pressure >35 bar
Working pressure (recommended) 1 - 5 bar Sensitivity >10 mm
Life cycle - EN 817 ASME 112.18.1 M 140.000 cycles 1.000.000 cycles
Constant 63 ºC & 50 ºC (6 l/min- 3l/min) <4 ºC - <6 ºc
Flow rate at 3 bar
Free flow (basin DN8) 16.1 l/min (C/D) · 17.2 l/min (S/D)
Free flow (bath) 19 l/m (C/D) · 20.9 l/min (S/D)
Open-close 0.20÷0.40 Nm
Turn left-right 0.15÷0.35 Nm


SN-25 Cartridge - 25mm Range

New SN-25 cartridges from SEDAL have been designed to perform above standards including robust lever design, smooth operation and higher flow than previous versions, providing great valueadded products for the faucet’s manufacturer.