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Dolce Wall Mounted Swivel Bath Spout Brushed Nickel


Brand:Ā Nero
Product Code:
Type:Ā Bath Spout
Finish:Ā Brushed Nickel
Material:Ā Brass
Collection:Ā Dolce


  • 10 years replacement products or parts on all finishes.

With its strong edges and streamlined design, theĀ Dolce collection will add a trendy touch to any bathroom, kitchen, or laundry space. The gorgeously rounded taps perfectly complement its well-defined edges and elegant curves for a look that is luxurious and modern.
Here at Nero Tapware, our designers work hard to understand current trends and the evolving needs of Australian families and property owners. In addition to updating existing designs, we also make it a point to stay abreast of industry developments to give our customers the best product we can offer. Like all of our collections, our Celia range also comes with a water-saving feature to minimize wastage.