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CLIO Bath Spout 200mm Wall Mount Gunmetal

Unveil a world of luxury and superior functionality with the CLIO Bath Spout Wall Mount 200mm Gunmetal in a striking Gunmetal finish. Extending a graceful 200mm, this bath spout, intricately crafted with a 304 Premium Stainless Steel body, is not only a visual masterpiece but also a symbol of enduring quality and sophistication.

The 304 Premium Stainless Steel is celebrated for its exceptional resistance to corrosion, rust, and staining, ensuring that the CLIO SPA spout maintains its gunmetal finish and structural integrity through years of use. Its non-porous and antibacterial properties also make it a hygienic choice, ensuring a clean and safe bathing experience.

CLIO Bath Spout 200mm Wall Mount Gunmetal

  • Specifications

    Key Features
    Material 304 Premium Stainless Steel Body
    Finish Gunmetal
    Length 200mm
    Spout Diameter Ø24mm
    Spout Reach 200mm
    Backplate Ø60mm