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10 New Products that will upgrade your bathroom and kitchen

September 29, 2021 7 min read

If you're planning a remodel of bathroom and kitchen, consider adding a few of these new products with fabulous features. Here is a list of 10 New Products for a quick upgrade. These popular products will require a small investment, but the reward is a more luxurious bathroom & kitchen you'll love.

1. Back to Wall Toilet Suite

wall faced toilet suite -  Arova

Back to wall or wall-faced toilets are the designers' choice in toilet suites. Featuring a seamless line between the toilet and wall, these will not only look stunning in your bathroom renovation but also have fewer holes or curves for dirt and grime to hide in. Back To Wall toilets are the most common and popular toilets sold in Australia today.

Our most popular wall-faced toilet is Mica Wall Faced Tornado Flush Toilet Suite. It employs the Tornado flushing system that provides a powerful clean with 4-star water efficiency. The Mica tornado flush toilet featuring a contemporary slimline design balanced with quality and powerful flush which suits any modern bathroom setting.

2. Free Standing Bathtub

free standing bathtub - Arova

A free-standing bath is a perfect luxury that can transform your daily ritual into a relaxing retreat that lets you wash away your cares and unwind at the end of a hectic day. These baths have plenty of areas around, making the room look airy and larger than it actually is. Due to their design and style, they don't require a frame to support their structure, making installation easier.

Arova provides many styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from. You have options in Acrylic material with gloss white and matte black. Shapes include oval, round and rectangular, including shapes designed specifically for corners. Stainless steel frame tubs are sturdy and enduring and are available in 1400mm, 1500mm, 1700mm. So you can find just the right size for the space depending on your taste and budget, you will make your own home a personal resort.

3. Rain Shower 

rain shower -  Arova Rain shower heads are perfect for the luxurious full-body soak. And surprise, have a look at the WELS rating, our high-quality branded rain shower heads have been designed to Australian standards so you can still save water while getting a luxury shower experience. Rain showers may need to be combined with a hand shower (and mixer diverter) for those days when you just don’t want to get your hair wet.
When you buy a 2 in 1 shower head, you can achieve the rain shower experience that you are after as well as having the flexibility of a detachable hand shower. The detachable hand shower unit is particularly useful for when you want to get to those hard-to-reach areas, or you simply need to clean your shower, and you want the water to be able to get into every nook and cranny.

4. Wall Hung Vanity

wall hung vanity -  Arova A wall-hung vanity is a perfect choice if you wish to create a minimal modern look bathroom with clean, crisp lines. The floating cabinets offers plenty of bathroom storage space with easy access. As the bathroom wall cabinets are now suspended off the floor, your eyes can follow the floor continuously to the wall. This helps creates an illusion of a bigger space. The wall-mounted vanity doesn’t have legs or kickboards and therefore you have full access to the flooring. Cleaning your bathroom floor is easier than ever.
Arova carries a wide range of wall-hung vanities in plenty of options, including sizes, ceramic basins, countertops, door and drawer layout, storage space, timber look, and 2 pack gloss white finish. We offer a small vanity unit with a ceramic basin top in 500mm wall hung vanity or narrow sizes for small bathrooms and powder rooms as well as a 1500mm double basin wall hung vanity for master ensuite and main bathroom with a luxury look. Our wall-hung vanity units are designed with different door and drawer layouts to suit your specific plumbing requirement.

5. Wall Mount Basin Mixer

wall mount basin mixer -  Arova If your looking for a focal point in your bathroom renovation then Wall Basin Mixer will be a perfect choice. A great partner to an above-counter basin or equally as suited to an inset & half inset basin or under-counter basin to maximize bench space.
Bathroom taps put the finishing touch on your bathroom renovation. Arova offers a wide range of designer modern standard height basin mixers that suits any bathroom basin design or the overall look of your renovation, from round curves to sharp lines. These mixers are some of Melbourne's best selections. All are made in high quality and fitted with ceramic cartridges. You can inject personality into your bathroom with the use of colorful tapware, from brushed gold to gunmetal and brushed nickel, and of course, chrome and matte black taps will impress. These mixers will surely add a stylish contemporary touch to your bathroom or powder room.

6. Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

kitchen sink - arova

The square style sinks have been growing in popularity following the general trend for squarer, modern-looking bathroom, kitchen and laundry products. Not only do they give more capacity than a round sink making them more practical, but they look ultra-modern and beat older-style round sinks with their aesthetic. Often, square kitchen sinks come with a brushed stainless steel finish so they look better for longer, making them perfect for any newly built or renovated kitchen or laundry.

The square stainless steel kitchen sinks at Arova are all handmade from 304 grade 16g stainless steel and feature 1.5mm thickness. Square Undermount Sink in the kitchen with gooseneck tap. These sinks are purposefully made to have rounded corners and have a natural decline towards the waste hole which makes them practical for draining, as well as giving them a beautiful aesthetic.

7. Pull Out Kitchen Mixer

pull out kitchen mixer -  Arova Pull out or down mixer taps make washing dishes and rinsing the sink easy. Enjoy the ease and versatility of a pull-down mixer tap with a greater range of movement in and around the sink. You will love it so much, you will even consider putting a pull-down mixer in your laundry too! Arova has designed pull-down mixers to enhance not only the kitchen space but also your lifestyle. They come in a range of colors matte black, chrome, white, brushed bronze, brushed gold, gunmetal, graphite, and brushed nickel to suit any kitchen design.

The top benefits of buying pull-out kitchen mixers:
  • It's easier to wash the dishes and cleaning the sink will become a breeze
  • Perfect for children since the handle pulls down they can reach it a lot easier, meaning you will have some little helpers at meal times!
  • These mixers make the most of a double sink giving you flexibility between both sink bowls
  • Much more efficient in terms of food washing and preparation

8. Above Counter Basin

above counter basin - arova
Above counter basins not only create a hero piece on your vanity, but they are also perfect for maximizing your under-bench storage. With the whole bathroom basin sitting above the vanity benchtop, you will only need to allow space within the vanity for the plumbing the rest can be used for all your daily essentials. Pair your above counter basin with a vessel mixer or wall mixer with a spout to ensure you have plenty of room for washing your hands.
With beautiful designs and a minimalist look, the collection of above-counter basins will have your friends and family impressed by your stylish choice.
  • Suited to both wall-mounted tapware and tall basin mixers
  • A variety of contemporary shapes including round, oval, square, and rectangle
  • Glamorous color choices- black and white
  • White gloss and matte white ceramic

9. Shaving Cabinet

shaving cabinet - AROVA Shaving cabinets are must-have bathroom furniture as they combine both bathroom vanity mirrors and a wall-mounted cabinet for bathroom storage. Like your bath and walls, the vanities and mirrored shaving cabinet has become a feature piece that draws immediate attention and simultaneously amplifying the style.

Arova offers a wealth of bathroom shaving cabinets, from the compact 450mm narrow mirror cabinet with a single door to the wide 1200mm vanity cabinet with 3 large mirrors. Our design extends from fully mirrored fronts to those with a niche display shelf, that will prepare you ready for the morning. Our wide collection of mirrors and bathroom shaving cabinet offers a matching color to every vanity cabinet we carry. All our wall-mounted mirror cupboards are easy to install, with the option of flush wall mount or being recessed into the wall.

10. Bathroom Towel Rail

towel rail - Arova Australian-designed, our bathroom towel rails are affordable and polished, offering timeless and durable design options that will keep your bathroom flawless for years to come.
The range comes in a variety of geometric forms (rounded or square) bringing added structure to your bathroom. Our towel rails are manufactured in the highest quality finishes including chrome, brushed nickel, gunmetal, matte black, brushed bronze, and brushed gold, ensuring a stylish look and feel across the range.
The beauty of the Single towel rail is its simplicity. With a clean and elegant line, you have the perfect mix of functionality and classic design. The special thing about them is the way they maximize air circulation for drying while being compact in how flush they are with the bathroom wall. Choosing the size depends on your bathroom and how many people will use it. You’ll find the size, style, and special features that suit you best right here at Arova Kitchen & Bathroom. When it comes to a smaller-sized bathroom, you can choose from a selection of a longer length that makes more of the space whilst adding a charm of their own.

Smaller Investment, Bigger Upgrade

 Product Category Product Name Price
1. Back to Wall Toilet Suite Mica Wall Faced Tornado Flush Toilet Suite $378
2. Free Standing Bathtub Harper Free Standing Matte White Bathtub $1399
3. Rain Shower COMO Compact Rain Shower Set Chrome $336
4. Wall Hung Vanity Kris 120 cm Timber Wall Hung Double Vanity $499
5. Wall Mount Basin Mixer VIVA Wall Mount Bath Basin Mixer Black $250
6. Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks Ultimo 1.5mm Double Bowl Sink $597
7. Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Ponte Kitchen Pull Down Sink Mixer $239
8. Above Counter Basin Mica 42 Above Counter Basin Gloss White $149
9. Shaving Cabinet 120cm Shaving Mirror Cabinet 3 Door $248
10. Bathroom Towel Rail VIVA Single Towel Rail 600mm Chrome $66.38


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