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Tandem Pantry - Stainless Steel Tray

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Material:Steel frame and slides, stainless steel trays
Cabinet Internal Width:between 400mm and 580mm (wall to wall)
Cabinet Internal Depth: min 485mm
Cabinet Internal Height:between the height range in the list
Payload:50kg per unit, <5kg each tray
Trays included:2 trays for each tier (1 door hung, 1 rear shelf)
Warranty:5 year replacement of products or parts

This product is internal hardware only. Cabinet, doors and groceries are for demonstration purpose only

Note: Width, depth, height here refers to the overall size, including cupboard walls and measured from outside the cabinet. Internal measurements refers to those measured inside the cupboard. The difference between overall and internal measurements are usually 32mm when the standard 16mm melamine board is used.

Pull Out Tandem Pantry EzyStorage System - Stainless Steel Trays

Universal fitting, left or right opening

Designed to fit doors swinging to either left or right hand side, the tandem pantry unit just simplifies your kitchen planning and can be retro-fitted to existing tall cupboards. Also, the clip-on basket design allows you to move, take out or put back a basket anytime. Why take out all items while you can take out a caddy basket?

Split storage - better organisation & easy access

The front and rear shelfing split storage system creates an impressive overview of all items. Small items go to the front shelf and swing out with the door while the rear shelves offer generous space for large contents and is automatically drawn towards the user. Create more tiers with extra baskets so that you can fit in more items.

Great in itself & Greater in double

Twice up the storage with 2 units installed side by side in your double pantry. For a 900mm cabinet, use 2 of the 450mm unit or mix & match with a half pantry unit. Fit up a 1100mm cabinet with 2 chrome basket systems or a 1200mm cabinet with 2 of the wider stainless steel systems.

Stainless Steel Trays - Sleek and Flexible

The unit is extendable in height to suit various cupboard height. All trays can be moved up or down individually to suit your specific storage needs. The stainless steel trays give the unit a sleek look and also make cleaning a bliss.


Material Steel/ Stainless Steel
Colour / Finish Grey/ Brushed Stainless
Trays Included (4C/4/5/6 Tier) 8/8/10/12 - 1 Large And 1 Small Trays Each Tier
Payload (unit/ small tray/ large tray) 50kg / 3kg / 5kg
Unit Assembled Width (450/600 cabinets) 385mm / 535mm
Unit Depth 480mm - All Units
Unit Height (4C/4/5/6 Tier) (in mm) 1150-1450/ 1250-1550/ 1650-1950 /1850-2150
Min Cabinet Internal Width (450/600 cabinets) 400mm / 550mm - Or 5mm On Either Side For The System To Slide
Min Cabinet Internal Depth 485mm - All Units
Tray Sizes
450mm cupboards Smalll: 335mm X 145mm X 80mm
Large: 385mm X 260mm X 80mm
600mm cupboards Smalll: 485mm X 145mm X 80mm
Large: 535mm X 260mm X 80mm