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Soft Close Pull Out Pantry - Stainless Steel Trays

Note: the product is internal hardware only, does not include cabinetry or door front.

All items stay where they belong and come to you

Generous space for storage in an organised way. The unit rolls out you upon a light pull and saves you great time from tidying up & re-organising the pantry after each use. The easy access leaves organised pantry lasting longer.

Integraged soft close mechanism - Smooth motion

The integrated soft close mechanism not only stops the door from banging when closes and also help reduce items moving and keeps the system and your cupboard in shape for longer.

Quick makeover inside out

The unit is easy to install. And the stainless steel trays not only look sleek but also are spilt-proof, which makes the cleaning a bliss. The stainless steel system is great for families living close to the coast.

Flexible and adjustable

The system can be extended to fit your cupboard and all trays can move up or down to your specific storage needs any time where necessary.


Product Parts included in each system 1 X Frame; 2 X Runners; 5/6 Trays; Fittings
Material & Finish Frame - Powder Coated Steel
Runners - Steel/ Zinc
SS Trays- Stainless Steel & ABS Plastic Corners
Trays Supplied (5/6 Tier system) 5/6, Or 1 Basket For Each Tier
Payload (per unit/ per tray)
100kg/15kg Evenly Placed
Tray Sizes (300mm/400mm cupboards)
W250 X L434 X H83 / W350 X L434 X H83
Unit Width (300mm/ 400mm cabinets)
250mm / 350mm, This Is Essentially The Width Of The Trays
Unit Depth
480mm - All Units
Unit Height (in mm) 1700-2000mm
Min Cabinet Internal Width (300mm/400mm cabinet) 260mm/ 360mm Or 5mm On Each Side For The Unit To Move
Min Cabinet Internal Depth 482mm - All Units
Cartons per system
Each System Is Packed In 3 Cartons - Frame, Bottom Runner And Trays)