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Serene Free Standing Bathtub

Available in Showrooms, open 6 days a week.

1500mm Size: 1500x750x680mm
1700mm Size: 1700x800x680mm
Lucite grade Acrylic with High-gloss Easy Clean Finish
 Gloss White
Waste Size: 40mm, not included, select here
Installation: Floor Mount
Warranty: 10 years replacement of product or parts
Includes: Bath Only

A bathtub will make you want to stay in hot water longer. The Arova Serene free-standing bathtub is a luxurious, durable, and affordable bathtub that blends seamlessly with your home. The High-gloss, Easy, Clean surface makes cleaning a breeze. The special Arova Bath finish resists corrosion and is easy to keep clean. The tub can be used with a shower liner for those who like to keep things simple. 8mm thick acrylic made through an innovative Thermoforming process that avoids any visible joints as well as is warm to touch for a more extended bathing experience

*Acrylic, stone and transparent bathtubs are handcrafted and may differ in measurements. The measurements are representative of all actual product at time of printing. It's recommended to have the product onsite for the rough-in. All described measurements are a guide only and are expected to have slight changes subject to Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&EO). Acrylic and stone bathtubs may have differences of +/-10mm. Transparent bathtubs may have differences of +/-20mm

Serene Free Standing Bathtub

Giving your space an instant feel of luxury and relaxation, the Serene freestanding bath at Arova Kitchen and Bathroom will take bathing to new heights of elegance and sophistication. They have become a standard in new homes, and here are a few reasons why:

Easy Installation
So easy to install with no frame required. While a traditional bath needs to be "built-in," often meaning a carpenter builds a frame, a plumber beds it in, then a tiler tile over it, and then finally your bath is installed, with a freestanding bath, it can be installed last which often reduces the chance of it being damaged by multiple trades.

While a freestanding bath uses around the same amount of space as a traditional drop-in bath, they have a larger inside area, meaning that a deep, soaking experience is more relaxing. It is the perfect place to unwind after a long day and will give you well-deserved "me time."

Give your bathroom the hero piece you always wanted. It will stand out in any bathroom.

Ease of Use
Freestanding baths give you access from all sides, meaning these bathtubs are perfect for your children.