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Romeo Toilet Suite

Special Order

Product code: ROMEO

This Romeo toilet suite features a short project that is suitable for small space and enable good transportation of wastes with minimum water consumption. It was designed without a flush rim, therefore no hidden and hard to reach places that is prompt to growth of bacteria and also bad odor. With a higher pan height compared to traditional toilets, Romeo toilet suite is a comfortable solution for taller people or those with restricted mobility, making it suitable for the whole family.

  • Wall faced Rimless Toilet Suite
  • Short Projection (620mm) and higher pan
  • Nano Glazing
  • Either back (LH Top) or Bottom (RH) inlet connection
  • Universal trap for S (80-180mm) or P trap(180mm) set out
  • Dual Flush: 4.5L/full flush, 3L/half flush (Average 3.1L/flush)
  • WALES Reg. NO: L04122
  • Detachable Soft close seat, easy to clean
  • PVC Pipe, Floor screw, water inlet hose included