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MICA Back to Wall Oval Acrylic Bathtub

1500mm Size: 1500x750x600mm
1700mm Size: 1700x780x600mm
Lucite-grade Acrylic with High-gloss Easy Clean Finish
Waste Size: 40mm, not included; select here
Installation: Floor and wall mount
Warranty: 10 years replacement of product or parts
Includes: Bath Only

*Acrylic, stone and transparent bathtubs are handcrafted and may differ in measurements. The measurements are representative of all actual product at time of printing. It's recommended to have the product onsite for the rough-in. All described measurements are a guide only and are expected to have slight changes subject to Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&EO). Acrylic and stone bathtubs may have differences of +/-10mm. Transparent bathtubs may have differences of +/-20mm

Back to Wall Lucite Acrylic Bathtub MICA 

  • MICA acrylic bath combines free standing look and wall mount design that saves spaces and leaves no gaps on the floor when it comes to cleaning
  • Lucite grade acrylic bath presents everlasting color with a nonporous surface for easy cleaning.
  • 8mm thick acrylic made through an innovative thermoforming process that avoids any visible joints as well as is warm to touch for a longer bathing experience
  • A stainless steel frame with fully adjustable support feet makes the MICA bath tub extremely durable
  • MICA back-to-wall¬†acrylic bath tub is available in 2 sizes for a variety of bathrooms: 1500mm and 1700mm