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Deluxe Soft Close Pull-out Pantry - Anti Slip Trays

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* This product includes internal hardware only.
* Cabinetry and door are NOT included.

All items stay where they belong and come to you

Generous space for storage in an organised way. The unit rolls out you upon a light pull and saves you great time from tidying up & re-organising the pantry after each use. The easy access leaves organised pantry lasting longer.

Both VARO and MODE range are UPGRADED with premium runners which are much sturdier and glides more smoothly even when fully loaded. The integrated soft close mechanism will not only stop the door from banging when closed but also help protect the items and your cupboard.

The MODE range employs airy wire baskets which offer a clear view of all items. The VARO range uses solid base trays which are spilt proof.

Both VARO and MODE range can be extended to fit your cupboard height and all trays can be individually adjusted in height to suit your specific storage needs.

Available in 3 heights and 2 widths, see the 'Specifications' section for details.


-Designed for tall pantry cupboards
-Great to replace walk-in pantry shelves
-Soft close mechanism for smooth and quiet operation
-All trays slide out in front of the cupboard
-Available from 1260-2360mm in height and 250mm, 350mm in width
-Both unit and trays are height adjustable
-Supplied in a kit with drilling template

Arova hardware soft close pull out pantry


i. Product
Product Parts included in each system
1 X Frame; 2 x Runners; 4/5/6/7 Trays; fittings
Material & Finish
Frame - Automobile Grade Powder Coated Steel
Runners - Deluxe Wheel Roller Runner
Baskets - Steel/ Chrome Plated
Trays Supplied (4/5/6/7 Tier system)
Payload (per unit/ per tray)
100kg/15kg evenly placed

ii. Product Dimensions
Tray Sizes (300mm/400mm cupboards)
W250 X L461 X H88 / W350 X L461 X H88
Unit Width (300mm/ 400mm cabinets)
250mm / 350mm, this is essentially the width of the trays
Unit Depth
500mm - all units
Unit Height (/4/5/6 tier system)
1.26m-1.66m/ 1.66m-2.06m/ 1.96-2.36m
Min Cabinet Internal Width (300mm/400mm cabinet)
260mm/ 360mm or 5mm on each side for the unit to move
Min Cabinet Internal Depth
530mm - all units

iii.Shipping Dimension & Weight
Cartons per system
Each system is packed in 3 cartons - frame, Bottom Runner and trays)
Shipping Weight (kg)
28 / 31/ 33 (300mm 4/5/6 Tier)
30 / 34 / 38 (400mm 4/5/6 tier)
Arova hardware soft close pull out pantry

How to measure your cabinet?

Cabinet Width is the EXTERNAL width of a carcass, which includes the 2 side walls. Most cabinet walls use 16mm board. Ikea kitchens use 18mm board.

INTERNAL width = EXTERNAL width ?€? 32mm (if 16mm board)

Use the INTERNAL width to determine if a pull out unit can fit.

Most cabinets are made to standards widths in the table below. If your cupboard is not in standard width, you may need to patch out on sides.

Standard Cabinet widths for 16mm sideboard

300 268
400 368
450 418
500 468
600 568
700 668
800 768
Arova Hardware Cabinet measuring instruction

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Product Reviews

  1. Easy as review by on 5/11/2018

    Best thing I’ve instalked to date
    Easy to install best of all the ms is sooo happy now accessing all the products instead of buying more things only to find them hidden at the back of the pantry

Deluxe Soft Close Pull-out Pantry - Anti Slip Trays

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