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Different from the narrow pull out units, tandem pantry systems are designed for wider pantry cabinets, such as 450mm, 550mm and 600mm with a hinged door.

Arova tandem system features a split storage design that breaks the depth of the cabinet into 2 accessible groups of shelves. This smart design creates an impressive overview of all items. Smaller items go to the door hung shelves and comes out when the door opens while the rear shelves offer generous space for larger items and are automatically drawn to the front when the door is open. 

The tandem pantry system has a universal design, which allow the unit to be installed inside a cabinet with a hinged door, regardless of which side the door swings to. The universal design simplifies the kitchen planning and retro fitting.

The caddy basket design allow all baskets moved to any height at any time, even after installation. You can even add extra baskets so that you can fit in more items.

If you have a gourmet pantry that is over 900mm wide, install 2 units and double up!