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MODE Soft Close Pull Out Pantry

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MODE pullout pantry by Arova help maximise your pantry storage space and keep your pantry cabinets in its best organised form in between cleanings. It is the ultimate kitchen storage solution for families with tall, narrow and deep pantry cupboards in their kitchen or caravans homes.

The wire basket system gives a clear overview of all groceries you have in the pantry cabinet. The pullout storage system makes perfect replacement to the walk-in pantry shelves and IKEA sorting boxes. With MODE pullout pantry storage system by Arova:

  • All your grocery packs and containers will come out of the pantry cabinets
  • No more digging in the back of the pantry shelf or cabinet
  • No more groceries left to pass expiry at the back corner
  • Less frequent kitchen and pantry cabinet tidy up

Available in 3 heights and 2 widths, see the 'Specifications' section for details.

Note: this product is the internal hardware only. it doesn't not include cabinet or doors. You will need an existing cabinet to house the product.


  • Designed for tall pantry cabinets that are narrow and deep
  • Wire basket design gives a clear view of all grocery items
  • Solid base trays and hook design - great for any kitchens and caravans
  • Premium soft close runners allow the unit to slide smoothly at full load
  • One pull to have all your groceries come out of the cupboard
  • Available from 1260-2360mm in height and 250mm, 350mm in width
  • Unit height adjustable for easy installation
  • All trays are individually adjustable in height to suit specific storage needs
  • Supplied in a kit including all parts, fittings and drilling templates


Payload 70kg in total and 15kg per tray
Tray size - 300mm cabinet 250W x 461D x 88H
Tray size - 400mm cabinet 350W x 461D x 88H
Unit width - 300mm cabinet 250mm
Unit width - 400mm cabinet 350mm
Unit depth - all units 500mm
Unit heights available 1260mm-1660mm
Min width for installation 260mm for 300mm cabinet
360mm for 400mm cabinet
Min depth for installation 530mm
Adjustable height for trays every 75mm on the main frame